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Writing Numbers With Song - Lesson Plan


The students will be able to identify the correct symbols for each numbers.

As a result of this activity the students will be able to draw the numerals 1 through 5

-Lined paper
-Numbered paper
-Pens or pencils
-Blackboard or Overhead projector

1. Tell students that today we are going to start to talk about how to draw number symbols. Ask students to tell you what they know about the shapes and how they look. Can anyone come to the board and show me how to draw a 1 ? 2? 3? 4? 5?. Have the numbers prewritten behind the overhead screen. If no one can go up there to draw raise the screen and ask; Who can tell me what these are? Explain that they are numbers and we will be singing and talking about them today.
2. Then sing the number song. Ask students if they liked the song. What did you like about the song? Did you learn anything new from the song? What was the song talking about? Did the song remind you of any of the things your classmates drew?
3. Model drawing the letters 1 through 5 on the board/overhead while the students practice on paper. Ask students to come to the board to practice. Is there anything that you can think of that these numbers look like? (provide suggestions of letters, animals - snake.. .etc, or items around the room, home, bus, etc.) Draw silly shapes, shapes of food, shapes of toys or musical equipment, etc that look like these numbers. (ex. Stick for 1, snake for 2, etc.)
4. Give students lined paper and have them try to draw the numbers 1 through 5 on the paper. Ask them if they need more help. Provide students with paper that has numbers already printed on it to trace or practice. Have them practice on this then move back to the lined paper that has no numbers on it. Tell students that if they need more help to raise their hand and you will go over.
5. Follow up activity by singing the number song again. Encourage students to make the shapes of the numbers using their body, their arms, feet, hands, or whole body. Then have then make a larger number with a friend, see who can make the most creative number. Suggest that multiple students lay down and use their whole bodies to make numbers. Maybe even make gigantic numbers using every student in class. and take pictures with a camera.

Students will be evaluated by handing in a sheet that has all 5 numbers written correctly on them. If they have them written correctly they will get full credit of 10 points. If part of the number looks correct they may receive partial credit. Each number will have a possible of 2 or 20%.

The Number Song
1. To draw a one (to draw a one),
You make a line (you make a line)
Straight up and down (straight up and down)
Hey that looks fine (hey that looks fine)\
To draw a one you make a line, Straight up and down hey that looks fine.
2. For number two, (echo), That line must curve... Like letter 'Z'...
But make it swerve...
For number two that line must curve, Like letter 'Z' but make it swerve.
3.There is a letter…
That looks like three…
Just drop the line
Off of a ‘B’…
There is a letter that looks like three, Just drop the line off of a ‘B’
4.Lets draw a four…
It’s not too hard…
Make just three lines…
On your note card…
Let’s draw a four, it’s not too hard, Make just three lines on your note card.
5.Now number five…
Look at a two…
In a mirror…
That’s all you do…
Now number five, look at a two, In a mirror that’s all you do.
Resources: Song adapted from “The Bear” Wee Sing, Fun ‘N’ Folk. Pg. 38


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