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Kindergarten Lesson Plans


Your child is beginning their elementary education. Kindergarten often focuses on Language Arts, Math and social skills and integrates Art, Physical Education, Health, Social Studies, and fine motor skills. By the end of kindergarten your child should be able to meet the Language Arts and Math standards.

~ Lesson Plans ~

Language Arts
Literal Meaning of Reading

High Frequency Word List

Math Learning Song
Blank Number Sheet
Writing Numbers Song
100 Chart
Butterfly Life Cycle

Pumpkin Life Cycle
The Four Seasons
Social Studies
Places in My Community

Community Locations
Musical Chairs
Music Listening & Sounds

Music Standards, Notes, & Instruments
Moving To Music
Thanksgiving Song
St. Patrick's Day Song

What Song Is It?
Same or Different
Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Leaves
ABC Conflict Resolution
Physical Education
Human Body and Movement

Sack Relay
Three Legged Relay
Beanbag Relay
Art Ideas Lesson
Art Warm Up Activities

Circus Tag
Cranes and Crows

Dessert Island Stream
Everyone's It
Integrated Projects
Human Body and Movement

Make-Up Work Slip

Star Student
Monthly Classroom Newsletters
Weekly Planning Sheet
Graphic Organizers
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Language Arts Standards:
-Name the 26 letters of the alphabet. (Upper and Lower Case)
-Identify sounds for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.
-Write the letters of the alphabet.
-Read 30 sight words.
-Identify 8 word chunks.(and,at,et,ig,it,ot,ug,ut)
-Sequence and retell a story.
-You will want to introduce letters in an order that correlates with the books you will be using.
Math Standards:
-Count to 31 and identify the numbers 0-31
-Match numerals to objects 1-10
-Skip count to 30 by 2s
-Skip count to 100 by 5s and 10s
-“Count on” from a number
-Print numerals 0-20
-Solve a number story or word problem.



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