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Ten Chances - Student Time Fillers

Level: Grade 2 and Up
Equipment: Whiteboard or chalkboard, markers or chalk
Procedures: Write the numbers 1-10 on the board. You must choose a word and write spaces for each letter of the word on board as well as a box for guessed letters. Students will start to guess letters that might be in that word. If they guess correct, write the letter in the correct space. If they guess incorrectly you will write the letter they guessed in the Guessed Letter’s Box and erase number 10. The game is over by a student guessing the word, or if nobody guesses in ten chances you tell them the word and choose a new word. The person who guesses the word correctly can lead the next round.

R E _ D _ _ G

  F B C

7 6 5 4 3 2 1


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