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Seven Up - 7 Up Student Game and Educational Filler

Level:  K and Up
Equipment:  Desks
Procedures:  Have students seated in desks.  Choose seven students to come up to the front of the class.  The rest of the class puts their heads down with their thumbs up.  The seven students then walk around the class and choose one person.  They choose someone by touching their thumb, which they must bring down when picked.  Having their thumb up tells students they haven’t been chosen yet.  When their thumb isn’t up, it means they have been chosen.  Once all seven students have chosen someone and are returned to the front of the classroom the seven students say, “Heads Up, Seven Up!”.  Students may then sit up and if they were chosen will stand up.  The teacher or leader will then call on students who are standing up to try to guess who picked them by “who looks guilty”.  If they guess correctly, they switch spots with that person.  Once all seven people have guessed, the game starts over often with many new people in front.  This is a great game that allows 14 people to be actively involved at once!


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