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Alphabet Hunters

Level: Grade K and Up
Equipment: None
Procedures: Teacher will go through the alphabet starting with A. When a student sees something in the room that starts the letter A they will raise their hand and share what they find. Then, move on the letter B, etc.

Variation: This can varied to be played with older students. Older students will write down the alphabet on a piece of paper vertically. They need to search the room and write down as many items as they can find which start with each letter of the alphabet.

A: apple, arithmetic
B: banner, back, bag, books
C: class, clock, circle
D: dial, desk, dictionary, door
E: elbow, edge, elastic, ear
F: friend, films, flag, fork,
G: goldfish, gum, globe
H: hat, head, handle, hexagon
I: illustration, intercom
J: jar, jigsaw puzzle, journal
K: key, knee, kids, knob
L: lamp, leg, lights
M: mask, microscope, math, mess
N: nose, needle, nut
O: overalls, octagon
P: postcard, pencils, paper, plant, pants
Q: quarter, questions
R: radio, records,
S: shelf, screen, seat, shadow, shirt
T: teeth, tile
U: umbrella
V: vest, vent
W: window, waist, water
X: xylophone
Y: yarn, yardstick
Z: zipper


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