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K-6 Classroom Management


Classroom management is a very essential part of having a successful classroom. If your classroom is well managed the students will easily transition from one subject to the next, pay attention when needed, as well as have very few behavior problems. The less time you spend on classroom management the more time there is for instruction. Here are a few techniques used by licensed teachers that can help your classroom be successfully managed.
Here is a homework pass that can be used with grades 3 and up. Cut them out and pass them out to students as a reward. I usually have them staple it to the homework they are going to use the coupon on.


Signals are one way to get students’ attention. Signals can be silent, verbal, visual, or musical. It is important to have some type of signal that everyone knows means stop, look, and listen.

Teacher puts his or her hand in the air. When students see this they are to put their hand in the air just like the teacher. Having your hand in the air means that
1. Mouth is Quiet
2. Eyes on the Teacher
3. Hands in your lap.
4. Ears Listening
5. Be still.

Use a bell or chimes to make a sound to get the students attention. This can be a great tool. It can be used as a signal for the students to do something as well. Perhaps to clean up or move to the next task.

1-2-3 Eyes on Me
Teachers says, “1-2-3 Eyes on Me” to get students attention.
This can be modified for elementary students by doing the following.
Teacher says, “1-2-3 Eyes on Me”
Students respond, “1-2 Eyes on You”

Shut off the lights. It doesn’t make any noise and is sure the get the students attention and quiet the room.

A successful classroom management system often includes positive reinforcement as well as consequences. Students are rewarded for showing positive behaviors. When students show negative behaviors or break classroom rules they receive a consequence such as taking away a privilege. There are many different techniques you can use to have successful classroom management. Here a just a few…

Make a stop light out of wood. Write each students name on a closepin. The students start everyday on green. If they break a rule once they move to yellow as a warning. If they break a rule twice they move to red and receive a consequence such as taking away a privilege. See examples of rewards and consequences.

If a student misbehaves write or have them write their name on the board. If it happens twice have them put a check after it. If it happens a third time and there is a second check they will receive a consequence. Students who don’t get their name on the board at the end of the week may receive a reward. See examples of rewards and consequences.

At the beginning of the week give each student 3-6 sticks depending on the level. (Less for older students) If the students misbehaves or is not prepared a stick is taken away. If the students still have sticks at the end of the week they receive a prize. See lists of rewards below.

Students will receive tickets for misbehaving. Start new every week.
1 Ticket- Warning
2 Tickets- Consequence
3-Tickets- Call Home
4- Tickets- Principal’s Office

This often works better for younger students. Each student receives a sticker chart. Students can have stickers taken away for misbehaving or earn extra stickers for making good choices. When student fills sticker chart they can pick a prize.

Students are assigned jobs around the classroom. They receive fake money everyday that their job is done well. ($.50) For example, once they save up enough money they can buy things from the classroom store such as pencils, toys, etc. This is also a great tool because they are using math skills and learning valuable life skills such as saving money.

Prize (pencils, stickers, small toys, candy)
Computer Time
Free Homework Pass
Free Time
Extra Recess

Time Out
No recess
Must sit out of free time or fun time
Conference with teacher
Call home
Principal’s Office

Print and copy.
Glue on construction paper.





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