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Relay - Physical Education Lesson Plan

The following are relays that can be used in physical education or regular education classrooms. They can be done in a gym or outside. Relays are great activities that require students to work together and cooperate. They also give them a chance to become more aware to their bodies. Relays can use many skills including changing directions while running, ball-handline, balancing, cognitive awareness, jump rope skills, etc. Relays can be used in all primary levels.

5: Completes task successfully with no errors.
4: Completes task at an above average level.
3: Completes tasks at an average level.
2: Tries but does not complete task.
1: Attends class, does not try.

Safety Tips for Relays: Remind students to tag each other lightly on the hand. Any rough tagging will be cause for disqualification.


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