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Chalkboard Relay - PE Lesson Plan

Level: 2nd grade and up
Objective: In this lesson, students will be able to integrate math and physical education by the doing addition facts during a relay.
Equipment: Chalkboard or Whiteboard
Chalk or White Board Markers

1) Divide your class into two teams or more.
2) The first player on the team runs to the chalkboard and writes a number on the chalkboard.
3) The first player returns to the start line and tags the second player.
4) The second player then writer another number directly under the number of the first player’s.
5) This continues with each member of the team.
6) The last member has to add up all of the numbers.
7) The first team to finish receives one point.
8) All teams that correctly finish their problem receive two points.

Assessment: Team Points
Reminder: Remind students to write numbers clearly so their team members will be able to read them.


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