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Poetry Reading - 5th and 6th Grade Lesson Plan

In the following language arts lesson, students shall dramatize a poem. The lesson is a great way for students to express their emotions. Many students in the intermediate grades are feeling many emotions that they donít know how to express. Poetry is great outlet for those feelings. This lesson has several variations and can be done individually or in groups.

Concept: Poetry Reading
Grades: 5-6
Instructional objectives: Students shall dramatize a poem after becoming familiar with reading it.

Materials: overhead projector I'm Like Weather poem, printed on clear plastic to use on overhead.

1) Let the students know today's discussion is about feelings.
2) Ask the students for ideas on how you could use vocal expression in the statement
to convey the idea that you are "angry."
3) Place the poem on the overhead and read it to the students.
4)Divide the students into two groups, This can be done easily if you divide straight down the middle of the room, students can stay at their desks & can still see the poem.
5 ) Explain to the students that they will each be reading, as a group, one
side of the poem. The words on the left will be read by the group on the left, the words on the right will be read by the group on the right.
6) Let them practice reading it that way.
7) Talk to them about the descriptive words and how they can change their voices to reflect what the words say.
for example, "I'm like thunder,
crashing, loud...." can be
read with a loud, booming
- What can they do with "warm, dancing, bright?" & "swirling, bouncing, light?"
- What can they do with "I'm like raindrops, gentle, quiet, proud?"
8) Read the poem again, (each group reading their side) students should use their booming voices, their gentle voices, etc....
9) Let students switch parts; the left group reads the right side and vice versa.
10) Turn off the overhead.
11) Review with the students about how weather words can be used to describe how a person is feeling.
For example, "what weather words could you use to describe
yourself when you are mad?"-stormy...
happy?" - sunny...
in a hurry?"-quick as lightening... -:
"sad" - cloudy... etc, etc.

After the above discussion, have students draw a picture of themselves with a feeling. Collect the drawings and put the pages together as a book. Read and/or dramatize together at a reading time.

Iím like wind
Warm, dancing, bright
Iím like wind
swirling, bouncing, light
Iím like thunder
Booming, crashing, loud
Iím like thunder
Iím like raindrops
Gentle, quiet proud
Iím like weather
Always changing
Iím like weather
Yes, thatís true
Thatís me
Thatís me
How Ďbout you?


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