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Art Lesson Plan Ideas - K-6 Grade Art Class

Art is a subject that can be integrated with any other subject. It allows children to be creative and express themselves in new ways. It is just as important at and early age as it is throughout the primary grades. Art is a great way for young students to practice fine motor skills. At the elementary level students should start learning about the elements of art which include: line, shape, texture, color, space and composition, light and shadow, perspective, emotion and mood.

Some researchers say that the arts is the “fourth R”. Art can bring many contributions such as motivation, ways of communicating, creativity, problem solving skills, self-understanding, confidence, respect, concentration, self-discipline, sensitivity for diversity.

Art Teaching Ideas
The following are some ideas for some great art learning activities to use with your students.
Book Making- sewn, pop up, big books, mini books
Calligraphy- embellished lettering
Collage- paste or glue assembled materials onto a surface
Craft- pottery, weaving, quilting
Diorama-shadow box
Display- arrangement around a concept
Enlargement- use overhead projector
Fiber art- use yarn or string
Fresco- paint on wet plaster
Lithography-printing method using chalk or paint on limestone
Mask- use a paper bag, tag board, paper mache
Mixed media- paper, wire, paint, fabric
Mobile- Three dimensional art that moves
Montage- several pictures which when put together make one picture
Mural- large wall painting
Painting- tempera, acrylic, watercolor, oil
Pastel- chalk
Poster- advertisement for the artists
Print- stamp with objects
Puppet- bag, hand, stick, sock
Rubbing- place paper on objects and rub paper with crayon, marker, chalk
Scratchboard- black crayon or ink over another color
Sculpture- three dimensional art from wood, clay, metal, plaster, etc.
Wash- watercolor over another medium


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