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Coats for Kids - Social Studies Lesson Plan

In the following social studies lesson, students will understand how to contribute to their community, how to improve their community, and understand the concept of helping others and the impact of it. It focuses on citizenship and is a great way to get your class involved in the community.

Coats for Kids
Grade level: Fifth Grade

I. Concept:

II. Objectives:
• Students will understand how to contribute to their community.
• Students will learn how to improve their community.
• Students understand the concept of helping others and the impact of it.

III. Materials:
Meat paper (to record things on)
Poster Paper

IV. Procedures:
1. Have the students close their eyes and tell them imagine the following situation...it is December 13* and snowing heavily out and you still don’t have a winter coat. All of the kids at school have their brand new winter coats, hats, mittens, and scarf, and Coats for Kids
you have nothing but a women out old sweatshirt. You are freezing and dont want to go outside when it is recess because you will once again get made fun of. You wish that your mom could afford a coat for you and maybe a hat...
2. Ask the students how they would feel if it were them in this situation. Record their answers on the marker board.
3. Tell them that they can help students in this situation. if v ,MW
4. Explain the idea of Coats for Kids.
5. Explain that if we are going to help we need to come up with a plan.
6. Brainstorm important ideas that need to be included in the success of the project. Record the ideas on a hard copy.
7. Make sub-committees for the tasks that need to be accomplished.
8. Talk about the goals for the project.
9. Make a class calendar for the dates that everything needs to be accomplished.
10.Before presenting the lesson, you should have contacted the local television station that you can partner up with. They will provide you with the necessary information and the dates that the coats need to be in by.
11. Have the students begin making posters for local stores about Coats for Kids. Provide them with the necessary information that needs to be included on each poster.
12. Ask the students if they will deliver their posters to their respective local businesses. If they can't you may have to deliver them.
13. To wrap it up ask the students to write in their journals about their feelings on Coats for Kids. Also about what they have done on the success of the project this far.

V. Evaluation:
Read the students journals to analyze their progress and feelings towards the project.


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