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Equivalent Measurements of Capacity

In the following lesson, students shall learn about equivalent measurements of capacity and learn the size of different units of capacity measurement including: cup, pint, and quart. Students will also be able to use these measurements accurately. This lesson includes low budget visual aids.

Grade Level: 5
Lesson: Equivalent Measurements of Capacity

Concepts to be Taught:
1. Knowing equivalent measurements of capacity.
2. Knowing the size of different measuring tools, such as: cup, pint, quart.

1. Students will be able identify equivalent measurements of capacity.
2. Students will be able to identify different units of capacity measurement.
3. Students will be able to accurately use capacity measurements.

Capacity Poster
Capacity milk cartons

1. Pretest
- Hold up different sized milk cartons and ask class if the know what size they are.
2. Tell the class we are going to be starting a lesson on capacity measurements.
3. Show the class some examples of capacity containers and tall how much they hold. Students can also tell the
class if they already seem to know some of the information.
4. Introduce a poster with the different measurement equivalencies.
7. Take down the poster and ask the students one at a time what sizes the different containers are to see what
they learned.


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