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Parts of Speech

In the following language arts lesson, students shall demonstrate the ability to write for a variety of academic and technical purposes and audiences by: writing a story based on direct experience or observation including: a) a description of setting using vivid details b) an image of at least one character, and edit the finished product for correct mechanics and spelling. Students will identify parts of speech in a piece of writing and use and identify the parts of speech in their own writing. The parts of speech included in the following lesson are: nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, pronouns, interjections, and conjunctions.

Grade Level: Fifth Grade
Concept: Parts of Speech

Students will identify the parts of speech in a piece of writing. Students will use and identify the parts of speech in their own writing.

Parts of Speech worksheet
Overhead projector
Transparency markers (blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, brown, black)

A. Introduction
1. Tell the students that it seems like we've been having some trouble remembering all of the different parts of speech. Because there are so many it is easy to get confused. Today we are going to do something that will help us to remember the parts of speech
B. Learning Activities
1. Ask the students if they can name some of the parts of speech. After they've come up with a few answers, tell them that you have a song that is going to help them to remember what the parts of speech and the definitions are.
2. On the chalkboard or overhead, have a sentence written that incorporates the parts of speech. Ask a student to find a noun. Have them tell you what a noun is.
3. Continue to have the students work through the sentence finding the parts of speech, and giving the definitions.
C. Conclusion
1. Pass out the worksheet with sentences written on them. The students will use color coding to mark the parts of speech.

Nouns = blue Prepositions = orange
Verbs = red Pronouns = purple
Adverbs = green Interjections = brown
Adjectives = yellow Conjunctions = black

2. Pass out a copy of the song so students can use it to remind them about the parts of speech.
1. As students are finishing, have a couple of students put their sentences on the overhead. If there are any wrong answers, have the class sing the verse that will give them the right answer.

D. Evaluation
1. Collect worksheets and check for understanding.


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