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Events Reactions Feeling - Social Studies Lesson Plan

In this social studies lesson, students will be able to realize that not everyone reacts the same
to the same event. This lesson can also be adapted if your class is having problems getting along or if you have very sensitive students in your class. You will discuss different reactions to different events including crashes, natural disasters, etc.

Grade level: 3-4
1. Events
2. Differences
3. Feelings
I. Objectives:
1. Students will be able to realize that not everyone reacts the same to the same event.

II. Materials:
1. Poster board
2. Markers

III. Procedures:
a. Introduction
1. Begin by saying, "There are many events that happen around the world. All of these events impact us in some way, but they impact us all differently."
2. Go over what the students will be doing.
1. b. Learning activities
1. We will have a class discussion of some events that are happening in the United States (e.g., plane crash, train crash). We will also have a class discussion about events that are happening locally (e.g., snow storm, burning building).
2. Students will write down an event that I give them.
3. They will write down how they felt when it happened.
4. Students will share how it impacted them and I will write each response on the poster board.
5. When all students have shared their feelings, I'll give the students another even, like dancing, and they will write down their feelings and how others in their family feel about it. ("Do you enjoy it? Do you do it often?")
6. After they have written their feelings down they will share what they wrote.
c. Conclusion
1. Tell the students, "No matter what kind of event there is, it impacts everybody. Just like the event you all wrote about. It was one event, but you all had different feelings about it."
2. Tell the students, "It is okay to have different responses and feel differently about an event."
d. Extension
1. Put the students into groups.
2. Each group will get a different event.
3. They will have a discussion on how the event impacts them and their feelings about the event.

V. Evaluation:
Students will write about their group discussions (what impact it had on each group member
and the different feelings). They will also explain, in their writing, why there were different
responses, "They should be able to tell me that everyone has different feelings and it is okay to have different feelings.


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