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4th Grade Lesson Plans


Fourth graders are now beginning upper elementary material. They should be showing independent comprehension strategies and using the writing process in their work. They continue learning about multiplication, division, and measurement and are usually introduced to fractions, decimals, and percentages.

~ Lesson Plans ~

Language Arts
Vacation Journal or Memory Book
Phonics & English Language Rules

Basic Grammatical Punctuation
Student Journal
Comprehension Table
Journal Template
Book Report Helper
Biography Topics
Biography Helper

Spelling Dictionary
Friendly Letter Template
Weekly Journal Template
Holiday Word Searches

Anchor Charts
Character Trait Chart
Reread Chart

Make-Up Work Slip

Monthly Classroom Newsletters
Weekly Planning Sheet
Graphic Organizers
Teacher Survey

Reading Comprehension
New Coat for Anna

Almost Starring Skinnybones
Dive! Book of Deep Sea Creatures - N
The Million Dollar Shot - Q
The Littles - Level M
The Twits - Level P
Stone Fox - Level P
Skinnybones - Level O

The School Story - Level R
Missing May - Level P
The Enormous Crocodile - Level P


The Water Cycle
The Planets in our Solar System
Science Record & Observe Worksheet

Musical Chairs

Music Standards, Notes, & Instruments

Fire Safety

Intro to Nutrition
Keeping Kids Active & Healthy

Integrated Projects


Make-Up Work Slip

Star Student
Monthly Classroom Newsletters
Weekly Planning Sheet
Graphic Organizers
Teacher Survey
Multiplication Help

Division Worksheets 1-5
Division Worksheets 6-9
Multiplication Worksheets 0-4
Multiplication Worksheets 5-8
Multiplication Race Game
Subtraction Worksheets
3 Digit & Mix Subtraction Worksheets

2 & 3 Digit Addition Worksheets
The Multiples of 7
Measure Range, Mean, Median, Mode
Multiplication Tables
100 Chart
Multiplesor Skip Counting Chart
Multiplication Helper

Social Studies
Events Reactions Feelings

Recycling Litter
Mayflower Trip To The New World
State Quizzes
State Capitals Quiz

Primary & Secondary Colors

Color Wheel
Art Ideas Lesson
Art Warm Up Activities

Watercolor Painting
Lines & Patterns

Physical Education

Back and Forth Relay
Sack Relay
Three Legged Relay
Basketball Relay
Beanbag Relay
Chalkboard Relay
Throwing Relay
Jump Rope Relay

Batting Rotation Baseball
Ten Points Football
Boundary Ball Basketball
Nine Court Basketball

Blanket Volleyball
Cranes and Crows
The Blob
Sharks & Barracudas

Knock Down
Dessert Island Stream
Everyone's It

Running The Bases
Lead Up Games
Five Pass Basketball
Newcomp Volleyball


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Language Arts Standards:
Summarize and show comprehension of nonfiction reading materials.
Be able to write legibly in cursive.
Use the writing process (Pre-write,rough draft, revise, edit, publish)
Write a three paragraph essay including: introduction, support, and closing sentences in several genres.
Achieve a fluency rate of 145 words per minute.

Math Standards:
Know multiplication and division facts from 0-12.
Know place value up to the millions place
Multiply and divide one and two digit numbers
Change fractions and decimals into percents.
Be able to measure to the nearest inch/millimeter.



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