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Primary & Secondary Colors

Grade Level. 3-4 Grade
Concepts: Science Experiment/Art (Primary and Secondary Colors)

1. Students will know the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.
2. Students will know how these colors mix to create the secondary colors.

* 6 glass jars in each group
* 4 straws in each group
* 3 test tubes for each group
* Large bottle of red, blue, and yellow food colored water
* Data sheet for each group
* Eyedroppers to use with colored water
* Final Worksheet

1. Put students in groups of three and have them brainstorm as many different colors as possible.
2. Have the students in each group list at least ten different colors.
3. Explain to the group there are three different primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. They are the colors that can be mixed to create different colors, called the secondary colors.
4. Give the groups the six jars with the following contents,
a. Red food colored water
b. b. Blue food colored water
c. Yellow food colored water
d. Plain water
e. Empty (for dumping waste) f. Empty (for holding test tubes)
5. Have the students hypothesize about what colors might be created if we mixed some of the
primary colors together.
6. Give each group four straws and three test tubes
7. Using eyedroppers to suck the colored water into the test tubes, have the students mix some
red water and some yellow water. They should find the result is orange colored water.
8. Have the students mix some blue water with some red water. This should result in purple
colored water.
9. Have the students mix some blue water with some yellow water. This should result with green
colored water.
10. Have each group record the secondary colors we created from primary colors on their data

- Hand out a worksheet that will determine whether the students know the primary colors
and the secondary colors they create when mixed.
Have the students turn in their data sheets.


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