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Sharks and Barracudas - Physical Education Lesson Plan

Sharks and Barracudas
Objective: Body awareness: running and tagging skills
Level: Grades 3 and up
Equipment: None

Procedures: Divide the class into two teams (sharks, barracudas)
Have the barracudas face the wall along the end basketball court boundary. The sharks face them in at the center line. Each team is appointed a leader. The sharks will try to sneak up behind the barracudas,. When the barracudas feel the sharks are close enough the leader yells out “Here come the barracudas!”. The barracudas try to tag as many sharks as they can before the sharks get back to the center line. When a shark is tagged, they become the barracuda. Once everyone is a barracuda, students go back to their original teams but switch sides. Sharks become barracudas and barracudas become sharks.


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Sharks and






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