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Batting Rotation Baseball - Physical Education Lesson Plan

Batting Rotation- Baseball
Level: Grade 3 and up
Objective: Practice skills including batting, pitching, throwing, and catching.
Equipment: four bases, one softball per four players, one bat per four players

1) Divide class into groups of four players
2) The four positions are catcher, batter, pitcher, and outfielder.
3) The pitcher throws five good pitches to the batter.
4) The batter gets five chances to hit the ball.
5) After five balls, positions rotate.
6) Batter becomes the catcher. Catcher becomes the outfielder. Outfielder becomes the pitcher. Pitcher becomes the batter.
7) Repeat rotation until all players have had at least one turn.
Assessment: Observation- Students need to participate in each position and put forth good effort at practicing these skills.


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