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The True Story of Pocahontas - By Lucille Recht Penner
Reading Level K Book

pocahontasWhat does the name Pocahontas mean?
Pocahontas means playful one.

What is her secret name?
Pocahontas’s secret name is Little Snow Flower.

What did the Powhatans call the English ships?
Floating Islands

What kind of things did the Powhatans trade?
The Powhatans trading corn for beads, bells, mirrors, etc.

Did all the Powhatans and strangers get along?
No, some of the Powhatans would shoot arrows at the strangers.

What happened to Captain John Smith?
Someone tried to kill him.  He fell into an icy swamp and used a Powhatan as a shield.  He was then taken to the Chief and beaten.

What or who saved Captain Smith?
Pocahontas saved Captain Smith.

What is the relationship between Captain John Smith and Pocahontas?
They are friends.

Why do you think King James sent Chief Powhatan presents?
Answers may vary.

     Why was there more fighting after John Smith left?
The friendship was lost.

How did Pocahontas become a prisoner?
She went to visit Captain Argall.

Why didn’t Chief Powhatan do what he was asked?
He was angry.

How is Pocahontas’s new life different from her old life?
Her clothes, environment, name are all different.
She now wears fancy dresses, is surrounded by dark, smoky, stone houses, and is known as Rebecca.
What was Pocahontas considered at the end of the story?
An Indian Princess


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