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The School Story by Andrew Clements - Level R Book
Reading Comprehension Packet/Worksheets

The School Story written by Andrew Clements is a level R book. It is a great story for upper elementary students and provides great inspirations for creative writers. Our comprehension packet includes vocabulary, prediction boxes, comprehension questions for each chapter, creative writing, critical thinking, labeling story elements, art, and also a crossword puzzle and word search as fun additions. A key is available for this packet.

Example Questions:

1. Why do you think it is important to Cassandra to keep her identity a secret?
2. What have Natalie’s and her editor/mom learned by working together?
3. What sentence on p. 170 tells us we are getting near the end of the editing process?
4. On p. 173 Ms. Clayton says, “I’m going to treasure it my whole life.” What does this sentence tell us about Ms. Clayton and her feelings about this experience.



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