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Skinnybones by Barbara Park - Level O Book
Reading Comprehension Packet/Worksheets

Skinnybones by Barbara Park is a chapter book. This book is comical and contains humorous characters. It is great for guided reading or read aloud. This comprehension packet includes vocabulary, comprehension questions, and allows for questions and comments after each chapter. It also includes a quiz for the end of the book, a crossword puzzle, word search, and a key.

Example: Questions

1. What does Alex do hoping he won’t have to go to school?
3. Does it work? Why not?
4. Why doesn’t Alex want to go to school?
5. Why does Alex’s fish die?
6. Why do you think this has happened more than once?
7. What happens when Alex gets to school?
8. What was announced over the loudspeaker to Alex’s class?
9. How does Alex feel about this?
10. What is Alex afraid might happen when he does the commercial?
11. What does Alex want to be when he grows up?
12. Do you think he would be good at that? Why or Why not?



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Elementary Education Reading Level Tables



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