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The Process of Writing A Paragraph - 3rd Grade Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will know the process of writing a paragraph and be able to write a paragraph using the writing process. Students will have the opportunity to brainstorm for ideas (prewriting), make a draft, revise, make a final copy, and finally have their work

Grade Level: 3rd grade
Prior Knowledge: Students are able to write complete sentences
Concept to be taught: The process of writing

1) Students will know the process of writing a paragraph.
2) Students will be able to write a paragraph using the writing process.

Materials: Scratch Paper, Paper, Pencils, Chalkboard, Chalk

1. Ask students to brainstorm for ideas to write about.
2. Explain to students that writing down their ideas is called Prewriting, the first step in the writing process.
3. Give an example of an idea on the board.
4. Tell students the next step after prewriting is making a Draft.
5. Inform students that this is the step where you begin to form a paragraph using your previous ideas.
6. Make a draft of the example on the board.
7. Have students make a draft of one of their ideas.
8. Tell the students the following step is Revision.
9. Explain to students that revision is where you reread through your paper to find mistakes.
10. Have students revise their own paper and revise a neighbor's paper.
11. Tell students the next step is making a Final Copy.
12. Have students rewrite their paragraph.
13. Explain to students that the last step to the writing process is Publishing.
14. Collect all the students' paragraphs.

Observe students during class to see if they are going following the process of writing properly. Read the students' paragraphs to see if they turned in a paragraph ready to publish.

Note: After I have read through and assessed my students' writing I will put all the paragraphs together to make a book and have it in display in the classroom.


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