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Cam Jansen Story - Mystery at the Monkey House
Level L Book - Author David A Adler - Illustrated by Susanna Natti
Reading Comprehension Packet/Worksheets

We also have a comprehension packet and activities for the Cam Jansen story Mystery at the Monkey House. The author of this book is David A. Adler and it is illustrated by Susanna Natti. This packet includes comprehension questions, identifying story elements, making predictions, using vocabulary strategies. Key is included.


Chapter 2
1. How did Billy say seals keep warm?
The seals bodies are covered with blubber.

2. What happened at the end of Chapter 2 that made Eric panic?
His wallet was missing.

What do you think happened to Ericís wallet?

Answers vary.
He lost it. It was stolen.
Chapter 3
1. Where do you think the monkeys are?
Answers vary.
Getting fed, missing, stolen, etc.

2. What do you think Cam found on the ground?
Answers vary.
Chapter 4
1. What finally made the guard believe Cam and Eric?
Cam found a cut lock on the ground.

Chapter 5
Onomatopoeia- words that imitate sounds
1. Copy the sentence on p. 36 that has onomatopoeia in it.
Quack, quack, honk, honk, the ducks and gees called as they chased after the bread crumbs.

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