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Phonetic Skills

First Grade is also an important level for working on phonetic skills. You will want to base your sequence based on the materials you will be using. Here are some key phonetic skills to work on with first graders.
  • Initial consonants
  • Final consonants
  • Digraphs (sh,th,wh,ch)
  • Consonant clusters (with r,l,p,t)
  • Short Vowel Sounds
  • Word Chunks (ang, ung, ing, ong, ink, unk, ank, onk, ack, ick, uck, eck, ock)
  • CVCE Rule (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, E Rule)
  • Two Vowel Rule (ee,ea,os,ai,ay)
  • R Controlled (ar,er,ir)
  • Other phonetic Skills: oo,ew,ue,ou,ow,igh,ight,old,ild,ost,all,oi,oy,y,ey
  • Vowel at the end of a word (she,no,go,so,he,me)
  • Soft g and c
  • Plurals (s,es,ies)
  • Suffixes (ed,er,ing,est)
  • le,ly


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