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Figurative Language Similes - Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students shall interpret and evaluate information on figurative language by reading, listening, and viewing. The objectives for this lesson are for students to understand what similes are and how and why they are used.

Concepts: Figurative Language, Similes
Grade Level: 2

1 . Students will understand what similes are.
2. Students will understand how and why they are used.

Simile song
Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood (optional)

1 . Begin by asking the students to put their things away and get ready for the next lesson " as quick as a cricket".
2. Ask the students if they have ever heard a statement like "quick as a cricket" before; or how about this one, blue as the sky. Ask students to give any examples that they can think of.
3. Explain to the students that making a comparison like that is a form of figurative language that is called a simile. A simile is a comparison of two unalike objects using the words like or as.
4. After explaining what similes are, now ask if they can think of any. If students are having a hard time, give a few examples such as; quiet as a mouse, sneaky as a cat or loud as a lion. Write the students examples on the board.
5. Tell students that similes are used to make a more vivid picture of what is happening in a story, song or a poem. It is not only used in stories but is also used in regular speaking to show excitement or added drama.
6. Read the book, Quick as a Cricket, to give more examples. After reading the book talk about the story and the similes that were used in the book.
7. Have students choose a simile and draw a picture to go along with it. Display these for classroom decoration.

Evaluation will be done when the students are helping the teacher think of their own similes and by having each student choose a simile and drawing a picture to go along with it.


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