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2nd Grade Lesson Plans


During Second Grade, students are continuing to improve their reading and math skills. They learn more about capitalization, punctuation, language rules, as well as vocabulary. Also, in second grade students will become more familiar with addition and subtraction facts as well as place value. They may also begin to learn how to tell time and how to count money.

~ Lesson Plans ~

Language Arts
The Silent E

Retelling The Main Event
Figurative Language Similes
Phonics & English Language Rules
2nd Grade High Frequency Word List
Basic Reading Tips
Student Journal
Comprehension Table
Journal Template
Book Report Helper
Biography Topics
Biography Helper

Spelling Dictionary
Vacation Journal or Memory Book

Anchor Charts
Character Trait Chart
Reread Chart

Reading Comprehension
River Runners - N

Picture Book of George Washington - M
Picture Book of Helen Keller - M
New Coat for Anna - O
Cam Jansen Mystery Monkey House - L
Almost Starring Skinnybones O
Dive! Book of Deep Sea Creatures - N
The Million Dollar Shot - Q
The Littles - Level M
The Twits - Level P
Stone Fox - Level P
Skinnybones - Level O

The School Story - Level R
Horrible Harry and the Green Slime - L
Hard Times on the Prairie - L
Missing May - Level P
True Story of Pocahontas - Level K
Henry Mudge Long Weekend - Level J

Animal Investigation
Skeletal Bones

Science Record & Observe Worksheet

Musical Chairs
Music Listening & Sounds

Music Standards, Notes, & Instruments
Moving To Music
Same or Different

Nutrition - Food Pyramid

Integrated Projects

Graphing The 5 Senses
Carry and Borrow Numbers
Equalities 1-2
Two Digit Addition 1-4
Three Digit Addition Worksheet
Addition Race Game
100 Chart
Multiplesor Skip Counting Chart

Social Studies
Reduce Reuse Recycle

Drawing Lines

Color Wheel
Searching For Shapes
Art Ideas Lesson
Art Warm Up Activities

Watercolor Painting

Physical Education

Sack Relay
Three Legged Relay
Beanbag Relay
Chalkboard Relay

Circus Tag
Cranes and Crows

Dessert Island Stream
Everyone's It

Running The Bases
Lead Up Games

Make-Up Work Slip

Star Student
Monthly Classroom Newsletters
Weekly Planning Sheet
Graphic Organizers
Teacher Survey


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Language Arts Standards:
Use capital letters in appropriate locations.
Use punctuation correctly.
Read 300 sight words accurately.
Spell 200 sight words correctly.
Be able to predict and summarize.
Achieve a fluency rate of 117 words per minute by May
Phonetic Skills:
Review first grade skills.
Consonant Clusters (fr, sl, tr, cl, gr,sn, dr, sp, pl, pr, br, sk)
Digraphs (sh,ch,th,wh, ck,nd,ng,nk)
Three Letter Clusters (str,spr,scr,spl)
Base Words and Endings (ing,ed,er,est)
Vowel Pairs ( oo,ew,uw,oi,oy)
Compound Words
Prefixes (un,re,dis)
R and L Controlled Vowels (ir,ar,er,ur,al,or
Suffixes (y,ly,ful,ous,ness)
Math Standards:
-Know addition and subtraction facts up to 18
-Know place value up to 1,000
-Be able to tell time to the quarter hour
-Make change up to $1.00
-Measure accurately in inches up to 1in/cm


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