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1st Grade Lesson Plans


First Grade is a very important grade where most students will learn how to read. By end of first grade your child or students should be able to meet the Language Arts and Math standards.

First Grade is also an important level for working on phonetic skills. You will want to base your sequence based on the materials you will be using.

~ Lesson Plans ~

Language Arts
The Silent E

Retelling The Main Event In Sequence
Phonetic Skills
Basic Reading Tips
1st Grade Word List
Student Journal
Comprehension Table
Spelling Dictionary
The Ruler - Measurements

Counting by Two's
Addition Worksheets 0-5
Addition Worksheets 6-10
Subtraction Worksheets 0-5
Subtraction Worksheets 6-9
Graphing The 5 Senses
Two Digit Addition 1-4
Three Digit Addition Worksheet
Addition Race Game
100 Chart
Pumpkin Life Cycle

Skeletal Bones
Butterfly Life Cycle
Science Record & Observe Worksheet
Social Studies
Reduce Reuse Recycle
Musical Chairs
Music Listening & Sounds

Music Standards, Notes, & Instruments
Moving To Music
Thanksgiving Song
St. Patrick's Day Song

What Song Is It?
Same or Different
Drawing Lines

Color Wheel
Searching For Shapes
Art Ideas Lesson
Art Warm Up Activities

Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Leaves
Nutrition - Food Pyramid
Physical Education
Human Body and Movement

Sack Relay
Three Legged Relay
Beanbag Relay
Circus Tag
Cranes and Crows

Dessert Island Stream
Everyone's It
Integrated Projects
Human Body and Movement

Make-Up Work Slip

Star Student
Monthly Classroom Newsletters
Weekly Planning Sheet
Graphic Organizers
Teacher Survey


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Language Arts Standards:
-Read 130 sight words.
Identify the main idea, details and sequence of a story.
-Print all letters legibly.
-Write complete sentences including correct punctuation and capitalization.
-Blend or segment sounds of one syllable words.
-Achieve a fluency rate of 64 words per minute by May.
Math Standards:
-Know addition and subtraction facts up to 10.
-Know the fact families of facts up to 10.
-Know the names and values of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter and can count several combinations up to $1.00.
-Can show time on clock to the hour and half hour and can read and write the correct time when showed a clock.
-Can read and write numbers correctly from numbers 0-500.


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