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Watercolor Leaves Lesson Plan - K-1 Art

Lesson: Watercolor Leaves
Grade Level: K - 1
Objectives and Concepts:
Students will learn about fall and why leaves change colors, about crayon resist technique, and discuss fall and other events of the season.

Book on Fall or story to read to students Crayons-- fall colors-- not green Fall leaves with lots of color for visual 9x12 white paper Leaf pattern almost as big as 9x12 paper pencils, scissors
paint brush watered down green tempera paint or water colors
Vocabulary: fall, crayon, resist, technique

1. Read story and discuss fall and why leaves change colors. This is a good science connection. Show students real leaves with lots of fall
2. Tell students they will create a leaf with lots of fall colors!! Demonstrate how to trace leaf onto 9x12 paper and then cut out.
(pre-cut if have short time)
3. Students will name fall colors and use those colors on their leaf. (Do not use green crayon) Instruct students to press hard with crayons and leave some white spaces. I also have students draw the veins of the leaf and explain to them that the veins form a small tree shape. (they think that is cool)
4. When about 75% of the leaf is colored heavily then they can paint over the leaf with green watercolor. This is the crayon resist.
All the white spaces will soak up the green watercolor!! ***I usually demonstrate this technique in the beginning to show them how important
it is to press hard. Also I show them what happens if you don't press hard--the colors don't show through!!!
5. When the leaves are dry I hang them together on a huge painted tree. The tree looks great and kids love to see all their leaves form one

Evaluation: I ask the students about the seasons periodically throughout the year. Also I ask them about the resist technique and they always remember this project.


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